Search engine friendly

SEO optimized Meta tags management. Canonical URL structuring. Duplicate content management. Google Sitemaps, URL rewriting and Permalinks.

Natural or organic ranking is one of the primary forms of search engine marketing. Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank sites based on algorithms that consider the website topic, page quantity and quality. Part of the page "quality" is the structure and content of certain elements such meta tags, titles and main topic keyword use. Links both incoming and outgoing weigh the most heavily.

PrestaShop has built-in features which allow control of on-page factors that result in a favorable structure for search engines. Using sound organization for page structure combined with your well written content provides the foundation for a high ranking site.

Another important factor, especially in storefronts, is duplicate content. This happens when several slightly different web URL's, or addresses "point" to the same information. This can confuse and in some cases be penalized by search engine ranking methods. PrestaShop will attempt to minimize this as much as possible. URL rewriting is another related feature which will generate user friendly web addresses to products. This is another feature the search engines can appreciate as these "rewritten" URL's or page addresses make it easier for them to understand what the particular page is about.

Search engine friendly features that no shop owner should be without!


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