An Extremely Flexible Product Catalog

The Product Catalog is the overall sales presentation to your customer. Some software companies concentrate the majority of their efforts in the Back-Office leaving a minimalist Front-Office that can quite easily frustrate a shop owner with the inability to present the features and benefits of their products effectively. The lack of flexibility in a Product Catalog will likely cause sales to suffer. This is not the case with the PrestaShop Product Catalog.

Imagine all the very best product presentation features to suit exactly your business... Multiple product images, customer evaluations, unlimited categories, sub categories, groups, attributes, tax management, downloadable digital merchandise and more. The list is quite exhaustive and provides the flexibility store front owners and shop developers dream about.

Product Catalog and User Interface Features:
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories

  • Unlimited attributes groups (sizes, colors…)

  • Unlimited declinations (red, green, S, M, L…)

  • Unlimited products declinations (red t-shirt, size XL)

  • Automatic declinations generator

  • Unlimited products characteristics

  • Unlimited pictures with automatic resizing

  • Multiple pictures per product

  • Zoom and thickbox on products pictures

  • Watermark on products pictures

  • Customers’ comments on products

  • Products customers’ evaluations

  • eKomi module – Customers’ evaluations [soon]

  • Double prices display: with or without taxes

  • Choice of products per page number

  • Display of available quantities on products pages

  • Sort products by relevance, price, publication…

  • Printable products pages

  • Catalog’s anomalies check-up (empty pages, inactivated…)

  • Products categories limited to customers’ groups

  • Products and accessories packs

  • Attachments to products pages (assembly guides, etc…)

  • Quantity discounts in percents

  • Quantity discounts in a fix amount

  • Products references (ISBN-EAN13)

  • Wishlist

  • Ability to send the wishlist by email

  • Report of bought products on the wishlist (who, when)

  • Manufacturers, brands management

  • Suppliers management

  • “Send to a friend” feature

  • Eco tax management

  • Customizable products (pictures, texts...)

  • Downloadable products (MP3, PDF...)

All the very best product presentation features to exactly suit your business needs... this is PrestaShop eCommerce!


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